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Salon Volition

When you need a hair appointment, you call your regular salon or google for one if you need to. You go there expecting your typical hair dresser, a chair to sit in and a good cut and style. You chat away and are happy with the results. Then you go home, wake up the next day and think, damn, I wish I could do what she did yesterday.

If this sounds like an experience you have had, then I highly recommend checking out Salon Volition. At this salon, you not only get the great experience you are looking for but it is also personalized. When you walk in the door you are welcomed with a soothing environment, a

classic look. There is a beverage table to help yourself to. But more than these luxuries, you are getting an education on your hair. Not only will you get the amazing hair experience that you need but in addition, you will be able to ask questions, learn about your hair and its needs. You can learn exactly what your stylist is doing so you can go home and replicate it. With simplistic tips and tricks, you can gain confidence in your own ability to give your hair the care it needs at home.

Salon Volition, located in Wenham, MA, opened in March of 2021. The owner of the Salon, Alyssa Jackson, is a wife and mother of two. When she is not in the salon, you can find her at the beach. Whether its the ocean or the lake, as long as the sun is shining, you can find her there relaxing with family. Never without a Starbucks in hand, Alyssa is well versed in her craft. She believes in continuous education and she is constantly learning something new. Alyssa was lucky enough to know from a young age, that she wanted to be a hair stylist. She enjoys helping woman with their hair care needs and educating them on how to care for it. Alyssa's mission is to give her clients an experience she won't forget. She writes a weekly blog to help her clients with hair care needs. In addition to her amazing achievements thus far including building her own business, Her salon was voted Best of Boston by Boston Magazine this year. Alyssa has a fantastic new project she is working on this year which will involved a whole new salon experience! Stay tuned!

If you are looking for more than just a typical cut and color and want to learn more about your hair care needs, head over to Salon Volition. If you mention this site, you will receive a complimentary conditioning experience. If you choose to go on a Wednesday, you will receive low rates as a model for stylists in training.

Check out: Salon Volition today!

Alyssa and her family- Photo credit-Alyssa Jackson

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